Monday, August 24, 2009

Sailing vacation shortened

I dropped off one sick Sadie with my parents last Tuesday in preparation for our sailing vacation on Wednesday. She was on the mend actually, but it worked too well and her bowels swung to the other end of the spectrum. She went days without a BM, but on the third day we rejoiced.

That's not the reason we aborted our 4 day vacation on the 2nd day, though. There were several phone calls back and forth about Sadie's condition, but ultimately we knew she was in good hands and my parents would do everything they could for her.

We came home early due to the gloom and doom forecast about Hurricane Bill. They were talking big seas on Saturday and rain and thunderstorms likely Friday night through Sunday. Naturally, being prudent mariners, we decided to stay closer to home so we could be in on Friday. As it turns out, there was no rain on Friday night and Saturday was gorgeous. Seas did lump up on Sunday, so we would have wanted to be in no later than Saturday. Frustrating.

The two days we had were gorgeous, however. Wednesday night we had a great sail over to North Haven and picked up a mooring. We met some friends who live there for drinks and dinner at Nebo Lodge. Fantastic food and atmosphere! Would highly recommend a meal or a stay there. thinking about going back for our one year anniversary in October.

Thursday was still and hot. We circumnavigated Deer Isle and ended up at the top (or bottom. I can never get this orientation right.) of the Eggemoggin Reach in Buck's Harbor that evening. We motored most of the way and sailed the last bit under the bridge. This is a famously warm harbor for swimming, but we were shocked just how warm the water was there that afternoon. It was 73 degrees a passing boater told us! So, we staying in swimming, bathed, and floated to our hearts content. We had tacos for dinner and several schooners came into the harbor, so we bummed dessert from the Mercantile. Dennis' friend is the captain.

Friday morning was so foggy. We lounged around making bacon and eggs for breakfast, played a game of Rummy, rowed ashore to visit with the owners of the marina there (also friends of Dennis'). By 11 o'clock the fog was persisting and remember we thought we had to be home in Rockland this day, so we set sail into the gray abyss. There was a breeze, then there wasn't, then there was....until we got close enough to the shore of North Haven. Then visibility improved and we got the hottest, most tropical breeze. It was very unusual, so we thought for sure this must be Bill's influence, reaffirming our decision to high tail it home. Eventually we had to leave the shore and head out across the bay. the fog grew thicker and the breeze cooler. As we approached Rockland, the radio was alive with vessels giving security calls so we all knew how much traffic was out there and where they all were. We heard fog horns of varying strengths intermixed with the distinct blasts from the two lighthouses at the mouth of the harbor. There were ferries, cruise ships, and other sailing boats all navigating into or out of Rockland with us. At one point we could hear voices, but could not see the vessel they were on! Sailing in fog certainly keeps you on your toes.

We pulled into the south end around 5:30-6pm, pulled all our wet stuff off the boat, and headed home to our warm, comfy bed. We both fell asleep on the couch that night. It was a good vacation even if we did listen to the weatherman and he was wrong. Better than not listening and he was right.


laulausmamma said...

Hey Dennis and Candace - just friended you on FB Candance - hope you recognize my name ; ) Looking forward to reading some more updates and staying in touch. Congrats on being an Aunt. Glad to hear you got away on the boat for a few days. Rich hasn't gone out too much this itching to do a few days to the Islands (Anacapa/Santa Cruz) off of Ventura (CA). He's been painting and do a lot of "work" as usual.

All's well here. Lauren started back at school today and our older daughter, Katie (26) is getting married on 11/7. A very small and simple wedding.


Melanie said...

Even though it was a short trip, it still sounds lovely!! We all are looking forward to seeing you in mere days!