Friday, December 12, 2008


Here's an update through pics
Dennis after blowing in insulation in our attic. Note the fibers all over his face. I looked much the same with black in my nostrils.
The cute couple
Our tree this year

Rub a Dub Dub - I'm Clean!

Merry Christmas to all! Christmas came a little early for my family this year and gave me the gift of peace as the latest CT scan showed no nodes whatsoever.

They call it a "wet" read of the scan because there is no formal report and it is a quick glance by the radiologist, but good enough to tell the patient so he or she is not worrying about the results for days on end. I did not know they could do this. I had my CT scan at 8am and they do a wet read so I know the results by my onc appointment at 10am. Same day! I'm upset they don't automatically always do this for patients. It's just the humane thing to do. Especially if there is no disease and no specifics need to be looked at more closely.

In theory, the wet read was supposed to have been done between my CT scan and the scheduled onc appointment. In reality, after I wait 30 mins. to see the onc, she comes in and asks, "Did you have a CT this morning?". Obviously, she has no results, and I bet Dennis while we waited that this exact thing would happen. Do I know this inefficient system or what? I can still say AARGH, though!

So, we waited some more while she called the radiologist, who had not even looked at the scan yet. We waited for the radiologist. I had to get back to work. As we were about to leave and just have her call with the results, the radiologist called back. Okay, it was worth the wait, but I can still say AARGH.

At least they took my blood for labs from the CT scan IV so I didn't have to be poked twice. That, of course, was my idea. It was bad enough getting the IV. My worst IV experience yet. Five holes in my arms and three different people trying. The CT techs NEVER get it. I should not let them even try anymore. They always call in the ER nurses. This time two of them.

Chuck was my hero that day. Just when I was ready to cancel it all and say I'd come back after I've downed gallons of water, he was in! He tapped a new vein I'll have to remember for next time. The old standbys seem tired and used up at this point. I don't help matters because I get so nervous that it's going to be a bad experience, I'm sure my blood pressure drops which makes finding a vein more difficult, and ultimately a bad experience. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Don't have to do it again for 6 mos. Yeah!

Funny thing is, at the hospital, we ran into Dennis' aunt and cousin whom he hasn't seen in 18 years. She was getting several scans and tests for her back pain. Wishing her best of luck.

As sister said, we are rejoicing with those who are celebrating being cancer-free this Christmas as well as thinking of those still working towards that freedom. Wishing all health and remissions for the new year.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Squeaky Clean

Seasons Greetings everyone. Sis and I chatted the other night about how it is becoming increasingly difficult to update our blogs. We have happenings in our lives that are exciting for a moment and we think to blog about them, but by the time we actually get around to doing so, it's old news and not very exciting anymore. Forgive us for our delinquency with updates.

Sis has news that is supremely exciting and no passage of time can diminish that. This news is: HER SCAN CAME BACK CLEAN! We are talking spotless. The family is so happy and relieved. I tell you, this is the absolute best holiday present we could have received!!

I'll leave it to Sis to share more details if she so chooses, but I thought you all would love to hear this news ASAP.

Should you not hear from us before then, have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!!

Our thoughts go out to those who are still in the fight and we hope for a year of healing and health to all.