Monday, November 10, 2008

Up to Camp

Up to camp again this weekend for the last time this year. Weather is unseasonably warm. Temps in the high 50s during the day and only down to 44 at night. The camp stayed at 60 through the night. Downright toasty! I brought enough clothing for the great freeze; thus, it was mild.

There is a long dirt road into camp. When we were almost to the gate, we let Sadie out of the car to run along behind the car. At first she stood there just looking at us driving away, so I popped my head out the window and called. That got her moving and he sprinted all the way to the gate. Huffing and puffing, she jumped in the car so happy to see us. As we unpacked the car, she immediately found nasties to roll in mere feet from the camp. So, first order of business was a bath at the lake for Sadie. This is a dog that swims in the ocean in the winter, but the cold lake water actually chilled her core because back at camp her teeth chattered and she shivered.

A little later that afternoon, it was overcast but pleasant and we took a long walk with the dog in the afternoon. That warmed her up so she finished dried off and stopped shivering. Saw only one other camper who was just arriving. They said they’d be staying up until Tuesday. Lucky them.

So we kept fires going, played cribbage (Dennis one, Candace one), cooked, watched a movie on the computer. RELAXED. So glad we could get up here one more time.

On our way home, we will pick up our season’s passes at Sunday River. The snowboarding season has officially begun. Sunday River was open on Halloween, but this Indian summer weather pattern we’re in can’t be good for them. Dennis and I are hoping to ride at least one day over Thanksgiving weekend, likely Sunday, and we’ll be paying for it on Monday. No one likes the day after first day out. Oh, the agony. Early season muscle aches and sore feet and shins from wearing those boots again. You push through and it does get better.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Jitters

Okay. Enough heckling already from the sister gallery. I know, I know. A lot has been going on. This election has me on pins and needles. I'm so nervous about the outcome. Cautiously confident for Obama. Completely unsure of our ballot referendums.

In Maine we have a question on the ballot about taxing beer, wine, and soda in order to fund our state health insurance called Dirigo. I was on this insurance for treatment and am still on it. A few weeks ago I would have said without doubt that the "Yes on One" side, which would repeal the tax and thus the funding, was going to win. Big Beverage has been pouring $3.5 million into TV ads and print ads for months. In the last two weeks the "No on One" side has turned on its burners with ads, such as mine, and a grassroots effort to educate the public about the truth behind question one. Mel has provided a link to a website with my ad in the previous post if you want to see it. It's ridiculous how outspent we are, but I feel as though we are closing the gap. We'll see if Maine will put their money where their mouth is. When polled, some 61% of Mainers say they would pay more for a statewide health care coverage program.

Also, I am collecting signatures for a petition in support of single payer health care. While the Dirigo insurance has done me no wrong, it has its problems and critics. A completely new approach such as single payer health care might be the answer. It's basically Medicare for all. We all pay a percentage of our incomes for our right to health care, much like Canada's system. No more insurance premiums, no copays, you can see the doctor of your choice, and non-elective procedures and surgeries are completely covered. This is a relatively new movement but will definitely be gaining strength as health care in this country begins its reform hopefully under Obama.

My parents move into their new house November 14th and we're all gathering there for Thanksgiving. Can't wait for that. Dennis, Sadie, and I are actually going up the weekend before to help cobble together a walkway to the front door among other small projects. It's so fun to see and hear how excited those two are about their house project.

Business is holding steady for me. So far, no bad affects from the economy, knock on wood. Dennis is still employed for the time being. We are very resourceful up here in Maine, so we are not fearing the worst should it come to that. I do fear for my dear sister and her husband in New York. Although, if anything should happen to their current jobs, they are in the best job market I suppose. Taking it day by day. I personally knew no one affected by the economy until I read a fellow Hodgkin's survivor's post that she was laid off. Now it's getting closer to home.

There you go. A mixed bag post of happy beginnings for my parents and nervousness feelings over the future. Until next time... hopefully not so long from now.

No on One

Candace recently did an ad for "No on One," which is an attempt by the manufacturers of beer, soda and wine to repeal a beverage tax that helps fund the Dirigo Health Program. Sis was able to afford health care thanks to Dirigo (she joined a month before being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma).

The beverage industry has been pumping millions into "Yes on One" with the simple slogan "Are you tired of taxes? Vote Yes on one." Nowhere do they state that this tax will fund such an important health care program.

You can see Candace's ad here. Her ad is the second one on the page. It's so cool to see her in it!

She is sort of like the poster child for the program because without it, she couldn't have received the care she did and she may not have won her battle with cancer. She's been very active in meeting with her local representative and fighting to keep the program alive.

It's a frightening prospect to think that the health care program could lose its funding, so I HOPE HOPE HOPE Mainers vote No tomorrow!