Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a Teaser...

Sister's wedding was amazing - we had gorgeous weather and lots of fun. I'll let her tell you all about it when she gets back from her week at camp. For now, you'll have to settle for this photo!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good Check Up

Hey all one or two of you still reading! How's it going? Last Wednesday we, Dennis and I, went to see my oncologist, or so I thought. Turns out my oncologist took a leave of absence for an indeterminate amount of time starting in August. Okaaay, whatever. So, we saw another onc in the practice that we actually both liked better. Go figure. Anyway, she did a physical exam and I checked out great, lump-free, spleen normal sized, etc. And the most important thing we did at the appointment is decide to get my CT scan and the follow up interpretation of said CT scan on the SAME DAY. I didn't know we could do that! Why didn't anyone suggest this before?! See, this onc, drives up to the hospital in Belfast, just north of us, regularly, so she knows how far it is for us. This is why we like her. She has common sense. So, my CT and next onc appointment is scheduled for December 11.

Now it is full speed ahead with the wedding which is less than two weeks away. It's crunch time and it feels like there is so much left to do. My lifelines of sister and mom can't help me with all this little stuff because it is buying and arranging locally. I've been testing and inquiring about wines and beer, getting utensils and serving dishes, chicken, lobsters. This weekend is getting decorations, cleaning the house in preparation for company, and getting more and more food. Gotta make a guest "book" and evergreen garland to boot! The pen is flowing freely over the checkbook now. Woo-hoo! That is fun.

Tomorrow I am getting my haircut for the first time since chemo. I debated getting it cut at all. I still think it looks cute as is and am still curious what it would look like long and curly. There's time for that. Right now, I feel a little scraggly and would get an esteem boost with a new cut, so I'm going for it. I will take some pictures and post them afterward.

Let me give you a Morgan's garden update while I'm rambling. The garden was a huge success! Right now it is dying...because it's time, not because I'm killing it. We got oodles of green beans, many beets, tons of carrots, and a plethora of tomatoes. I've been harvesting and freezing like mad. Made 24 servings of spaghetti sauce, chopping 32 cups of tomatoes! We are making the lasagna for the wedding with my sauce. The herbs did great too. I have frozen some basil and will need to do something with the rosemary and parsley soon - dry, freeze, or transplant and bring indoors. I will not lie. It has been a lot of work. I can understand why many people don't do this for themselves anymore. I have been liking the squirreling of food. I feel like I am being self-sufficient and doing what my grandmothers would have done. With the future of this economy up in the air, this life skill of living off the land might come in handy.