Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finding Facebook

Recently I was coerced to join the famous social networking site Facebook. Didn't want to, but glad I did. I can see why it is a runaway success. You get to be a voyeur into your friends' lives, update your friends and family quickly and easily with just a couple lines of text, and you choose to talk or not. Talking is generally one liners or very small paragraphs. No, conversations are not deep or detailed, but it's better than a year of silence amongst friends because time gets away from us or we never have the time for a 2 hour "catch up" conversation.

So, that's where I've been. Facebook is the new blog. Friend me and get information faster than here. For instance, my sister had a baby girl five days ago. It's been all over Facebook with photos and details from minute one. (Melanie and Sean are avid FB users.) Her name is Isabella Deni Rodriguez and she weighed in at 6 lbs. 13oz. and 19 inches long. She is healthy and happily at home now after a false positive at the hospital for a bacterial infection that kept her there overnight while Mommy and Daddy went home. Mel said it was the worst night of her life to have to leave Izzy.

Last night we Skyped with the Rodriguez clan in NJ so we could see her "in action". She made some faces when Sean played with her mouth and opened her eyes to sneak a peak only once in 45 minutes. Otherwise she was still and sleeping, but fascinating to watch, nonetheless. I am just smitten, I guess.

Dennis and I are well. Arranging financing to do an addition this fall. we'd like to build an attached mudroom & garage. Half of the work we'll be doing ourselves. I am still dog walking and pet sitting, Dennis is working at SPS and as captain of a schooner in Boothbay Harbor two days a week. that last job keeps him sane. We've been daysailing on our boat, but itching to do an overnight. There's just no time off for us! However, we are hoping to take a short sailing vacation August 16 - 20. Then, we are going to NJ to see the precious girl over Labor Day.

Take Care everyone and really, there's more stuff to fill the gaps on FB.


Sara and Jonn said...

You are quite the smitten Auntie, aren't you?! Yeah for Baby Isabella. She looks like a total doll.

Kelly Kane said...

I couldn't find you! Find me!